Loveshines Firefly

by petit

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Petit es el alter ego artístico de Joan Castells. Desde Mallorca, Petit inicia su trayectoria musical con el ep Soulsaver Bird, al que continua Loveshines Firefly, una oda a la dignidad de la tristeza y de la humildad en la derrota emocional. De producción doméstica, L.F. lleva el DIY al estudio Cosmic Blend De Toni Noguera (Los Valendas) para los últimos retoques y a El Zygurat de Francisco Albéniz (La Busqueda) para su masterización. El Sello catalán Manlay Recordings fue el encargado de su publicación. Músicas y letras: Joan E. Castells.


released January 1, 2009

En este disco han participado: Llorenç Rosselló, Gaspar Reixach, Ryan Magee, Cristina Andreu, Michael Mesquida, Luis Bestard, Chus Coll, Francisco Albéniz, Antoni Noguera, Pep T. Ferrer, Jordi Vidal, Victor Dorado, Anti Koskinen, Jordi Herrera, J.M. Puigserver , Enrique Pérez, Arantxa Andreu y Luis Escorcia. El grafismo es obra de Gerard Armengol, y la finalización gráfica de Toni Salom.



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petit PM, Spain

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Track Name: Faster
I'am allergic to spiders, I'm allergic to beestings, and in a way well I just can't stand certain human social behaviour. I'm allergic to mean girls. I'm allergic to pretty faces and in a way you know I wouldn't stand more than twenty seconds of your cheap talk. And you won't catch me, cause I'm faster. Walking around the table won't make you believe that you can catch me.
Track Name: Empty
When I raised my hand, my arm felt numb. Couldn't even speak a word, my lungs collapsed. Again my dreams, are killing me. This House is empty, my head is empty, my heart would be empty if I had one. To love someone so much, that hurts yourself so bad. Should I've stayed at home? Should I've stayed and drink myself to death? Again my dreams...
Track Name: Christmas Tree
Little red bulb inside my compass don't let me go. I had my eyes wide open, dripping out adrenaline, i had a headache that was hammering uppercuts against my senses. Look ahead, all hopes are there, here and now was time ago, I never thought that I could've flown out through the skies and storms I saw. God knows I was surprised I could see a bliding light, through a sea of clouds, on a christmas tree.
Track Name: People in Love
People in love, they are just a laughter all time. Walking past the bar, heading into the park. They walk holding hands, sharing an ice cream cone, letting the sun and the moon, shine on their faces. Oh, we were just like them. I don't know what took it away. I think I tried my best, but guess I couldn't get a hold onto your heart, a hold onto your soul. You say we should be friends, but how can I turn this love, into something else. I think I can't.
Track Name: Sixteen
I was only sixteen, you were only fifteen.On our first party night they wouldn't let us in. But we didn't care, cause that night you would marry me, and you couldn't keep your hands away from me. I didn't know what to do, I didn't have a clue. Love came in on a sunday eve, holding you tight, you kissed me goodnight. Love came in on a sunday eve, holding you tight you kissed me goodnight. And that was my first kiss.
Track Name: Just enough
And every wonder that shines on you seems so far away from me today. Like a firefly I just couldn't see, slowhand billy wrapped me in. All my goodwill for my lover, will grow stronger, can't you see? Feeling fear freezing waters, standing naked by the sea. And I can't hide, and I cant see, and I can't seem to find a way. Will be love, just enough to keep us together?
Track Name: Seeds
I've got a tiny seed, that I will blow away just when the midday breeze will push these clouds away. I wish to sail the seas and break into your sleep to keep your love alive. Oh please, won't you stop, all these nonsense, we've been going through, oh please, won't you come back? We can make it, if we really try. Cause it's just a dream. A dream that we can live on. Love me tonight, love me tonight, love me tonight and I'll follow you down. I've got a little plan to make you change your mind, a hopeful wish to run away with you. Where all the stars will shine, under the desert sky our love will shine on, yes it can shine on and on.
Track Name: Blackmail at night
Listen, the subsonic revolution is here. But be aware, you'll wait forever. To get anything that will suit your taste. You'll spend your last breath dreaming of lost friends, to find comfort in farewell fair tales. Of free falling fireflies at night. ....

Sometimes at night I loose myself and I just can't see the light. Sometimes I think I'll never get the hints to just go by. Go on baby blackmail me with the sweetness of your skin, go on baby blackmail me with the sweetness of your kiss, go on baby blackmail me with the death that lies in your lips, go on baby shake those hips till you kill me.
Track Name: Snowfall Spring
Snowfall spring, the cool of the eve, the plain lands and the lightnings, the rush, the snow and the wind. Seems like all heaven is breaking up, downward falling over us. Every time I hit a pavement crack I slide sidewards. But the road that took me here is the road that is taking me nowhere, to a place to rest our heads and wake up in another land. Oh, my wild mood swings. See these words, I hang on to them. Will they take me to salvation tonight? But at dawn, I won't be your victim at dawn. Not tonight. This could never happen twice. Like the rain I'd like to fade when the sunshine comes. Oh Lord, this road it's taking me down.
Track Name: Flat spin
I walk quietly at night, to keep sleep all my hidden kicks, that would keep away my dreams. And if I fall out of sleep, it's cause I'm fighting way to hard to get out of this flat spin I'm in. You smile to catch some light, to understand the mess I'm in. And when everything will come to an end, i'll stop machines to let my wingspan sit still. Lonely bench to watch your smile, while my light sings out loud that you could be the one. You smile to catch some light, to understand the mess I'm in. Doesn't need to be said, that I'm somehow trying to find the way out of the mess I'm in.