The Blackbird Daisy EP

by petit

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released July 1, 2011

Recorded at SoldeSants in Barcelona (may/2011).
Mixed among vineyards by Magí Batalla & petit (summer 11)
Luis Bestard, drums. Alberto Perez, doublebass.-
Mia Salazar, nice vocals.
Daniel Pinto, electric guitar on Velvet.
Acoustic guitar, leading vocals and other multitasking, Joan Castells.
Design: Paula Bonet



all rights reserved


petit PM, Spain

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Track Name: Blackbird Daisy
Those daisies grew
when the blackbird came dancing
filling the sky
with magical singing

fresh morning dew
and the spring golden sun
wetting our shoes
delighting our love

meet me at dusk
when the blue meets the stars
we’ll walk to the sea
we’ll dive and swim and dream

shall the seabreeze
fill our lungs with hope
so we walk through the fall
singing with joy

when a new sun shines bright
and the mountain snow melts
when the blackbird comes back
we’ll be as well with them

and we’ll dance through the days
and we’ll smile every eve
and we’ll kiss goodnight every night
Track Name: About you
I dont wanna be home tonight
When you come to pick up your things
You better not forget a pin
Cause I’m gonna forget everything
About you

I wish I should have understood
That loving you was wasting my time
I know that now’s kind of late
To hurt myself with regrets
About you

You better off with your mom
You better off with anyone
Just get out of my life
I don’t care

Lucky’s and coffee all day
Sit on the porch playing songs
Getting a new set of strings
And planning new songs to resist
My life being alone.

You better off with your mom
You better off with anyone
Just get out of my life
I don’t care

Cause there’s no one here that loves you
There’s no one here that needs you
Track Name: Velvet
Only madmen do believe me when i say
I was scared to death
Still I am when I recall that night
And how the wind was blowing

Thought I was floating
Dreaming and hoping
Craving for a hot meal

My ribs were hurting
My tongue was burning
In a mouth bleeding through missing teeth

Breed and rised on high class costumes
Let me explain to your precious living how
I was the man who climbed
But I’ve become the one that fell
I’m kneeling down to my own beliefs
I’m down.
Track Name: Goodnight
Turn bitter into sweetness
For me and for you all
Turn pain into thunder
For a goodnight sleep alone

And rest a restless heart
Your weary bones on a ragged coat
Cause your will fears silence
But still it clashes a million thoughts of the unknown

Might the rain start falling
Hope you are resting by a tree
Lay down your head, cause
The road brings tears and sadness
For those I left